The perfect harmony of cruelty-free choice and modern luxury


Healing warmth of natural fiber

Ethical fashion

Luxury of cruelty-free choice

Sustainable choice

What Makes Our Jackets Unique?

Sumptuous Style

Together with our partners, Monkland Village developed a unique, structured insulating material for our signature coats. This material is specially composed through a patent pending process from fine alpaca fiber, famous for its exceptional thermoregulating qualities. This is what allows us to guarantee our great performance outerwear is combined with a sophisticated look for your ultimate fashion experience. It is the fusion between Canadian outerwear technologies and European design which brings this fresh, new fashion perspective.

Cold Weather Excellence

With seasonal temperatures becoming more and more unpredictable, Monkland Village offers practical and stylish coats for ever-changing weather conditions. As a result of our intense collaboration with local professionals, quality material suppliers, and our highly experienced production team, our outerwear ensures warmth and comfort, along with up-to-date style.

Luxury of Cruelty-Free Choice

Monkland Village designs and produces high-end outerwear for women by using natural, sustainable materials for high-performance luxury, but with an ethical alternative to down filling and fur.

Your wardrobe excellence upgraded to 21st century standards

Our Royal Winter Alpaca Coat

A luxurious, versatile, slightly fitted full-length winter coat.

It features natural alpaca-fiber insulation for exceptional thermal balance. The detachable hood protects from the elements. Faux fur trimming for extra comfort for exposed skin.

Solstice Comfort Puffer

No ordinary puffer - the Solstice is filled with 100% of the finest alpaca fibre is a healthy choice for your luxury, warmth and comfort. Featuring the Japanese traditionally-weaved Dungaree denim lining and “space suit” hood.

This jacket gives an opportunity of a noble cruelty-free choice for those who loves nature and be joyful

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