About Us

Montreal-based Monkland Village Design was established to create superior outerwear. Our luxurious coats are made using innovative, ethical technologies and are fully produced here in Canada.

We are a great team of open-minded professionals who are passionate about making great things in full harmony with Mother Nature.

We dreamt of designing a great winter coat and jacket that was fashionable and warm, but that was also sustainable and ethical. This dream has been with us for quite a long time. Crucially, we needed to find a material that had the same characteristics as wool or down, but without the chemicals and being cruelty-free.

The majority of modern winter coats use goose down to keep out the cold and fur trimming for extra comfort for exposed skin. While down and fur are efficient natural products to keep you warm, animals need to be killed to obtain them.

In 15th century, a fur coat was a valuable piece of the estate and would be passed down from generation to generation. By the 19th century, only a select few could afford a fur coat and, once acquired, it would be kept preciously for life. But now, with the technological progress and advanced farming brought to us by 20th century, most people own a down coat and can even afford to buy more than one. 21st century industrialization drastically raised production volumes as well as people’s consciousness, and people have started to question the ethics of this massive scale production.

Very recently, even the most advanced and prominent fashion designers are refusing to use real fur and leather and opting instead for man-made alternatives. Modern luxury can now be in line with the necessity for cruelty-free choices.

The Great North, once a major fur trader territory, is now ready to rise to the challenge of the 21st century and will become a major supplier of now sustainable materials and ethical technologies.

Monkland Village Design is not a factory, it is a laboratory atelier. Many researchers around the globe are working to find advanced solutions that are in harmony with nature, instead of exploiting it. We are continuously monitoring the newest technological developments. We work in tandem with our suppliers to get the best quality sustainable materials. In collaboration with our partners, our team has developed an innovative, natural, sustainable, and cruelty-free insulation material made from alpaca fibers (patent pending).

We work directly with local alpaca farmers. Quebec-grown alpacas enjoy the Canadian climate and are looked after with love. We enjoy our visits to the alpaca farm enormously. The alpaca farmers are very nice people and the alpacas are extremely joyful and sweet animals! Our production process brings new income to local businesses. Good business practice innovates and generates new environmentally benign production methods and supply chains. All design and production is made in Montreal, Canada. We love giving back, and we put our hearts into our work!